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History Without Indignation
A History Blog Without Indignation

History is the devil's scripture

Lord Byron (1788-1824), British poet

History Without Indignation website is dedicated to publishing historical articles and reviews. It is open to historians and scholars with a manifested interest in History who are willing to share their works and reflections with a large public. A history written without indignation is open to civilized debates and argumented ideas. It intends to go beyond narrow views about what are considered rights or discriminations and cultivate the respect for the historical truth based on solid and well-interpreted sources.

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  • Tulipmania (1636–1637)

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The jargon of economics and finance contains numerous colourful expressions to denote a market-determined asset price at odds with any reasonable economic explanation. Such words as "tulip mania," "bubble," "chain letter," "Ponzi scheme," "panic," "crash," and "financial crisis" immediately evoke images of frenzied and probably irrational speculative activity. Many of these terms have emerged from specific speculative episodes which have been sufficiently frequent and important that they underpin a strong current belief among economists that key capital markets sometimes generate irrational and inefficient pricing.

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